A friend had found an old snare that he wanted to convert into a suitcase drum. He reached out to me, and I thought that would be a fun project, so when he found the suitcase that matched his vision, he called me up and I set to work. I stripped the interior, took out the partition, and drilled a few holes in the case that I could cut between. This gave me a good amount of suitcase I could remove safely, without removing too much. The idea was to fit the sides of the snare into the opposite sides, after removing the snare, so the drum was basically a modified tom-tom. After cutting out the diamond shape that I had made with the drill and cardboard cutter, I cut circles into the case so the drum would fit. I repeated this process on the opposite side, and within about four hours from first seeing the ingredients, we had a main dish. And we were able to capture some nice shots outside at sunset.