Right after graduating, I wanted to exercise my branding muscle a little bit, so I decided to create a company and brand them. I thought it would be funny to imagine that all old gods were part of a company, and that company was in need of re-branding, so I created Nautical Mystery Company, and imagined that it was created by the world's first god, Enki, the god of water and life. My initial calligraphy approach felt like a solid first direction, but it didn't grab me. The hidden N and M and Co in it felt clever, but they seemed obscured, and the wave and hook didn't seem any clearer than the initials, so I kept sketching, and I came across the idea of a fishing hook. The fishing hook looked like a question mark, which was perfect for a company run by gods to inspire awe. After i sketched and refined the question mark, it dawned on me that it also looked like "Co.," and that sealed the deal. The aesthetic was that of an outdoor lifestyle brand, because that seemed most in keeping with old gods seeking to reconnect with today's on-the-go youth in the natural world.