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I was a furniture designer with MASHstudios in Los Angeles for almost a year, and in that time I worked on over eighty projects, including projects for clients like SOM, Gensler, Pivot, Rapt Studio, One Workplace, and Frank Gehry, with end clients like Facebook, Nike, Google, Uber, One Medical, and Rockwell Group. Although much of my work is covered by non-disclosure agreements, the projects here offer a good example of the process involved in creating such high-volume work for high-end clientele.


One Medical
I worked to create economical workstations for this medical giant's hq. Although they passed on the final recommendation, this process inspired the cast-iron privacy screen mount that MASHstudios now produces as a standard piece.

Rockwell Group
I was tasked with creating many pieces for this incredible architecture group's office including workstations, end-storage units, under-the-counter rolling storage, track wall mount storage, and a peg wall storage system. This required more engineering than the normal project, in order to insure the proper hangings and fitting of both distinct wall storage systems.

Initially I was tasked with creating just two storage units. One larger portable unit with a removable clothing rod, and one smaller one with removable shelves for footwear prototypes. Because of my commitment to getting these products as close to production-ready as possible, Nike and O+A expanded the scope of the project to include all of the designer storage for their desks. Which meant that I was also in charge of developing the rolling desk storage for Nike's design team as well. This was my favorite project, and sadly, last project with MASHstudios before I moved to Chicago, IL. From the white board-coated steel ID plates, to the transforming features, to the pop color highlights of inset metal pieces, this project was a pleasure to puzzle out.