At MASHstudios I learned the art of the quick and careful turnaround. In the year that I was at MASH I worked on 85 projects. Designers would be given a project to design from start to finish, and do all of the vendor contacting as well, with a typical turnaround time of 3-5 days for an entire project. We'd receive architect plans or a general idea of the setup and we'd have to create a custom workspace for that client. One Medical (shown immediately below,) was on a very price-sensitive budget, so we were able to give them good value options that would eventually inspire some pieces in the Ready Made line that MASH currently offers. Rockwell Group was remodeling their New York office and I had the pleasure of transforming their plans into a great space, creating MASH's own version of a pegboard wall, and creating those mobile storage units with ply shelves. I was also thrilled to see that work highlighted in Design Milk during their profile of a member of Rockwell Group. The last project I worked on was for Nike's new Beaverton HQ. MASH originally had a much smaller scope, but I stayed late a few nights and was able to impress the team, which expanded our scope an order of magnitude.