I was hired by Guardian Safety Equipment to be their first in-house graphic designer. They had expressed interest in using graphic design to demonstrate the higher quality construction of their product, and they wanted to position themselves as the higher-end, more reliable safety equipment company in the market. Guardian's parent company, WaterSaver, also enlisted my services to update their material.

The Work

The ads I developed focused on using white space to showcase the products themselves. The safety equipment category is crowded with many ads that try to sell you on every feature possible. The feature on Guardian Safety Equipment is the product itself. All of these ads were conceptualized, designed, and created by me. I even created the environments, which meant creating a forklift recharging and staging station in 3DS Max, and creating a pumpjack from scratch in SolidWorks and 3DS Max.

Additionally, I started their video initiative, which meant writing, directing, shooting, and editing a video that sales reps could use to show off the G1562. I also created the bumper for their logo.


WaterSaver was rolling out new internal parts for their existing line, and needed a thorough, 30+ page catalog of all of their existing products and how they would be affected by the changes. This meant I had to lay out the new catalog working with their existing collateral, and I had to re-render all of their existing products, and create the new exploded views.