Cards Against Humanity contacted me to build a one-off, specialty, flatpack, event point of sale for their San Diego Comic Con exclusive comic book. They wanted to flip the idea of a typical Comic Con display by making one that looked as if it were made by a child for a lemonade stand or something like that. Initially, they asked for a robot similar to the one on the cover. After a round of sketches and planning, they decided it looked too technical and complicated. They decided to instead go with a robot design from a comic of one of their contributing artists. I was able to prototype at Lost Arts, and refine the design there.

The robot was angled off to the side to prevent lines from forming on any one particular side of the table. The two white blocks were where the comic would go. The multiple different shades of yellow were to give it the look that it was painted by kids.


After some prototype work, I found that separating the abdomen into three distinct sections broke up the body too much. I decided to move to a single body. In keeping with the "kid made" aesthetic, I painted each section a different color, used duct tape to obviously connect the base, and drew the remaining designs on with sharpie.