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Abandon Planet

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Abandon Planet is the third game from game designer Don Eskridge. It's about collecting resources to partner up with someone of your choice to escape the meteor apocalypse with. That happens as the planet (and game board) dissolves around you. Don came to me after working on this idea for two years and developing a prototype constructed mostly from stock images. He didn't exactly know what he wanted, but he knew he wanted... not stock images pulled together from the internet. This was his first self-produced game, so he made a company, made me the art director and designer and illustrator, and we set off. On my end, developing the game was a five month process. It involved developing iconography, a typeface, game board pieces, player pieces, box art, packaging, manual layout, gifs and videos for the Kickstarter, Kickstarter page design, developing the identity for Don and his new company along with the game, planning, prototyping, testing, and a whole lot of cooperation between me and Don.


Abandon Planet was 200% funded on Kickstarter, and began receiving pre-orders immediately after the campaign ended. It ships to backers mid-2017.